com.kms.katalon.core.testdata.TestData.getAllData() not returning strings anymore

In the pass I used to be able to use java.util.indexOf() with strings as parameters, after I updated to 6.3.0 index of returns -1.

using the following code :

 		int temp1 = -1
		int temp2 = -1
		List<List<Object>> lista = Search.getAllData()
		for (int i =start; i<=end; i++) {

			//only check if there hasn't been a match on component yet
			if (temp1 == -1)
				if(lista[i][1].toString() == Component)
					println "lista[i][1] ->"+lista[i][1]
					println "lista[i].indexOf($Component) ->"+lista[i].indexOf(Component) //used to return 1
					println "[${lista[i][1]}==$Component] is true? ->"+(lista[i][1] == Component) //used to return true
					println "[${lista[i][1].toString()}==$Component] is true? ->"+(lista[i][1].toString() == Component)
				temp1 = lista[i].indexOf(Component)

I get the following output
lista[i][1] ->Search By
lista[i].indexOf(Search By) ->-1
[Search By==Search By] is true? ->false
[Search By==Search By] is true? ->true

which means that the the results of getAllData() is some sort of object which would have to be modified in order to be used.

Hi @miguel.acosta

Can you provide a sample test data, is the data you’re expecting a string ? Or something else.


Thank you so much for the report. We will investigate and resolve it today.

Hi @miguel.acosta

We have resolved this issue in Katalon’s latest version 6.3.1 which is available for download now. Please use it to see if there’s any problem.

Cheers !