Collect response from Browser's Inspect Network

Is there any way for Katalon to collect the message inside response from browser’s Inspect Network?
For example, normally I would use Katalon’s WS.sendRequest(object which contains highlighted URL) to getResponseText(). Now our system has blocked using this method. It will say it could not get any response. I can’t use Postman to achieve that either as its behaviour is the same as what Katalon does.

Inspect still has the information I want anyway by going to Inspect → Network → Response and the message is there. Can Katalon get this message?

Hi @kawin.k,

You can use Chrome DevTools Protocol to intercept network request when browsing a web page. Please take a look at these posts:

After trying for some time, I am still unable to get response which seems a mocked up text from the posted example. So far I can get response headers but not response body yet.
Is it possible for you to give me a little example coding of how to get the response?

@kawin.k Take a look into the second link i added the usage