CMD doesn't work the same as Manual Run

When I first install Katalon, I have to configure the proxy to activate the product. But, I have to revert it back to use system proxy settings to access URL sites ( or it’ll linger and lose connection). The weird thing is that when I run katalon manually with the “RUN” button, it works perfectly fine. I’ll build the CMD line and execute it, and it’ll open katalon, open the browser, go to the URL, but it’ll linger and break ( just like if you’d leave the proxy preference setting on the manual setting, there will be rare times where i’ll have to revert it back to “use system proxy” which I assumed it’ll save". I don’t know what could be the cause of this. Do I need to add a line in the CMD line to make sure the proxy setting is to use the system configuration?Help?

The topic is closed due to inactiveness. Feel free to create a new one if you still have any concerns.