Clicking on button inside a given tag


My problem is that I have some videos on the site. Each video has its unique ID, and if I make my mouse over one video, the play video and edit video buttons will show up. But these play video ID-s are the same, every play buttons ID is called “play-video”.

So I can click on a play button only if I move my mouse over one selected video.

So my question is, how can I click on the play button if I want to play the video with “video-7” ID?

I can’t attach pic because of my company.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @avelner… What do you mean by “Each video has its unique ID” and “play video ID-s are the same”? it means id will be the same when playing the videos

Hi @rushantha ! It means that for example I have two videos on the site with the IDs video_12 and video_7.
If I mouse over video_12, then the button with the ID play_video will be shown (it appears on the video).
If I mouse over video_7, then the play video button will show up, also with the play_video ID.

This means that I can not select which video I want to click on because all the play_video button IDs are the same.