Clicking Control+space does not give method suggestions after updating to Katalon v7.9.1 (Windows 10)

I have been using Katalon Studio for about an year now in our project.
After updating to version 7.9.1, I am not able to get method suggestions when clicking ctrl+space. (in Windows 10)
Is there a workaround for this?
Please suggest if any.

Hi @yashaswini.sadananda, I had the same problem in 7.9. I reset preferences to default or I enabled a checkbox and I think it was here. (see screenshot).

Window\Katalon Studio Preferences


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I think it is broken for custom keyword hyperlinks from what I’ve noticed. I have the same settings you have and it doesn’t work for custom keywords: Control + left click for hyperlinks appears broken for custom keywords

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Thanks @jim.sears , this worked for me.

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