Click on Object is OK ( But nothing happen )

Hello All ,

I have click on Object is Successful , But Nothing happen

  • Object Xpath is :
  • New
  • :confused:

Everyone help me some tip

Thank you !




Please review this link and then update your request/question:

I’am so sorry Dave Evers

I forgot to load Another Object :

  • After Click : New OK
  • I want to Load Next Object
  • But I dont know

Please to see Image

Load Object.jpg

I do Successfull

  • Xpath : Find Exactly
  • Set by hand : Xpath -neighbor ( Copy )
  • Paste to : Attributes

Run Well

Everyone make amistake about "Unable to find Element "
Visit this Site : XPath in Selenium: How to Find & Write Text, Contains, OR, AND

Good luck

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Child 2Xpath.jpg

Child Xpath.jpg