Click event not work with xptah

Hi, i’m new.
i have created some test case, but now i have some problem with extjs select component.

i have create one object with “record web” action and the Katalon create a component (cmp1) :


but extjs change any time the id and i can not use it (that div on of many child in extjs flow).
this script work fine and open my select extjs component.‘Page/cmp1’))

Now i create a new Katalon Object spyweb (cmp2) with xpath


this xpath is ok and it’s always find it (div is the same of cmp1), each test are passed, but in web page the select it’s never opened!
i can not understand where is the error. XPATH is correct and debug find the div

Sorry, my error the second td in xpath is the key “2” and not 1