Click element is not working in new laptop or other machine

Click element is working in my old laptop and it is not working in new laptop or any other machine. Please any one help me on this.‘f_OS Patch Test Scripts/TC_07Verify Docket download/Page_Prime Clerk/button_SEARCH’))

Then your old laptop contains all the clues as to why it works there. But try as I might, I can’t tell you what that is with such little information.

Try this:

Thank you for your inputs. Actually the issue is
I used the zoom out using the script below and changed the web page zoom level as 80%.

WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘ ‘80%’’, null)

After that, whatever i recorded earlier are throwing error as “unable to click on object”.

My testing area will be available when the zoom setting at 80% that is the reason i used the zoom out settings
please give some solution on this.