Click command doesn't click the button

I’m not able to proceed with my testing since the button doesn’t click when playing the recorded test case.
image I got this button, recording is working fine, during the playing period, the button was not clicked and the result of the testing was passed.

Does the command give any error?
Please provide us with details like the error log, some HTML code, test object, and other stuff that could be relevant.
Also make sure there isn’t any javascript blocking the click (or maybe you aren’t actually clicking on the button, but on something else) or if the button is loaded asynchronously, you need to wait until it’s clickable.

No, there’s no error with It ended successfully, but the page does not proceed and the button did not select. The page did not load or proceed to the next page until the close browser commands comes and exit the browser and test was passed.

WebUI.waitForElementClickable(findTestObject(‘Page_Dodo Internet NBN ADSL/button_select’),20)

  • I try to set a delay, but it’s not working.
    below was the original code for recording.‘Page_Dodo Internet NBN ADSL/button_select’))

both of this code is not working and got stuck here in this button.

Thanks for the reply, I will investigate further.

You could try to execute a javascript ‘click’ on the element… just to find out why it’s not working. If the JS-click doesn’t work, try a JS-click using your browser directly on the same element. Step by step :wink: