Click and Drag down in Mobile Application

Hello, guys!

I have a mobile Application to automate.

In that menu items get loaded when I click somewhere in menu items scroll down will loads the remaining menu items.

Also I have a application form to fill which has many fields to fill, I can tap and scroll down those fields to fill.

Here I have a challenge like the target object is not available in DOM until it is displayed.

How can I perform “click and drag” action?

Do we have any Keyword method to use? I’m unable to use scrollToText since target object not present in DOM.

Best regards!!!


I think you can try [Mobile] Wait For Element Present | Katalon Docs or [WebUI] Wait For Element Visible | Katalon Docs and Handling Drag and Drop in Mobile App | Katalon Docs

Here my requirement is like I have to click somewhere in menu item and scroll down to view remaining menu Items in the list and tap on any menu item in the bottom.

Any help from community is highly appreciated.