Clarification Needed for Certification Task Discrepancies

Help me understand clearly so I can effectively complete the certification:

  • Create test objects: 7/30
    When using record and playback, are test objects created correctly, or should I focus on manually creating test objects?

  • Create variables in test cases: 0/5
    In my test cases, I am creating numerous variables both within each test case and globally. Can you please explain why zero is being shown here?
    Reference (379.9 KB)

  • Create test suites: 7/10
    I have created more than 10 test suites, yet it shows only 7. Can you clarify why this discrepancy exists?

  • Create test suite collections: 0/3
    Although I have created 3 test suite collections, it displays zero. Why is that?

  • Create data files for data-driven testing: 0/3
    Although I have created 3 data files, it shows zero. Can you explain this?

  • Run data-driven test suite executions: 0/5
    I have executed 3 data-driven test suites more than 5 times each, but it displays zero results. Why is this the case?

Please assist me in understanding clearly so I can successfully complete and progress in achieving the “Professional Level Certification.” I want to complete these 2 certifications by Wednesday of this week.

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Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hi there @ravi97691,

Thank you very much for your questions.

At the moment, @viet.nguyen from our Academy team is on leave until next Monday (Jul 8, 2024), so I will take note of your questions and give them to @viet.nguyen when he is back at the office. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Also, would it be possible for us to move your message out to Katalon Academy so that others who have the same question(s) can get the same answers? This also helps to avoid duplicated questions on our forum.


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Yes, please, and I appreciate your actions.

Hi there @ravi97691, I see that 5 out of 6 requirements you have completed. The last one is data-driven test suite executions. Could you please send me a recording of the steps you take to meet this requirement, from creating a test suite to data binding and running the execution?

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  1. Create the test case
  2. Create the variable based on the test case
  3. what are the variables we created in that test case the same as we are using in the Excel sheet column head name
  4. Create the data file and map created Excel sheet
  5. Create the test suite and choose the created test case
  6. Now click the “Show Data Binding” button on the test suite
  7. click the ratio button → user variables and binding at suite test case
  8. choose the test case and click the add button
  9. what are the variables we created in the test case those all are displayed in the “variable binding” table
  10. then click the “map all” button. variable against Excel column data are mapped automatically
  11. now click the “Hide Data Binding” button on the test suite
  12. then click the Run button

like this I created the 5 different suites and mapped different Excel sheets.

these are the steps I was following to run the “Run data-driven test suite executions: 0/5” task. and the result is automatically passed on the TestOps.

Could you do one more, simple case following this doc: Data-driven testing in a test suite | Katalon Docs?

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Actually i am filling this doc and do that activity. Only that print part I didn’t do because of print console right. You want me to create new test case and test suite ?

Yes please. Record the process from start to the end of the execution if possible so that I can see everything.

I sincerely apologize for the delay in uploading the recording. A few tasks have piled up on my end, causing this delay. Kindly evaluate this video and provide your valuable suggestions.

please help me to complete the certification.
Thank you.

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Hi @ravi97691. We’re updating the requirement. That said, we remove such for now so that this won’t disturb/delay your certification journey. You should get your Practitioner Certification by now. Congrats!!!