ChromeDriver.exe Does Not Start When Running a Test Case

Hello everyone.

I have the following problem, which has already occurred two days ago.

I create a new generic type project, empty, I create a new test case very simple:

open browser> wait 5 seconds> close browser.

The problem is that the browser does not open, chromeDriver.exe does not run and the console does not display any messages, however in JobProgress the test case has the result as

Please someone could help me, I’ve already exhausted my ideas …


Do you have anything in the logs?

Have you tried reinstaling the chromedriver?

The console shows nothing.

Yes, I already tried to reinstall the chromedriver.

However when I use Record Web, the browser opens normally and I can record the steps, I believe Record Web also uses the chromedriver.

Hi Danilo,
Have you check if there’s any extension in the chrome that you are not able to ‘disable’ ?

Hello everyone,

I checked the google chrome extensions, they all can be disabled, and I even deactivated them and tried to run the test case, unfortunately the problem persisted.

I tried to test the previous versions of katalon studio, for some reason that I did not identify, from versions 5.7 to 5.8.3 (most current version on the date of this post), it did not work.

In version 5.6 is working normally, two interesting facts that I witnessed was the following:

1 - Create a new project in versions 5.7 or higher and tried to open the same project in version 5.6 presented nullpointerexception error.

2 - I downloaded the latest version 5.8.3 (most current version as of the date of this post) on another computer and it worked fine.

With this I believe that something is in my machine that is hindering the correct operation, but at the moment I do not have time to check the details. So I’ll use another machine or use the version that works.

I thank the help of all you.