Chrome not reachable - Docker

Hello There,

I am trying to run my tests in a docker container but at some point i am getting the error:

Following that all the test cases are failing.

I check outside docker and can find chrome is reachable.
I am using katalon 7.7.0.

Anyone else seeing this issue?


Hi , is anyone else facing this issue.
I am getting it at different point when my test are running.

Hi @anuradha,

The error shows the element’s locator is not correct.

Please check the element’s locator (XPath, CSS) again and correct it

Hi @duyluong, i do not get the error everytime with one test case.
Sometimes i get it with test case A but if i rerun the test test case A may pass but the error happens in test case B in the same test suite. So the place it fails is not same all the time which is why i dont think its an issue with locators.


Do the test case A and test case B use the same browser instance? Did you try to close browser in test case A before running test case B?

@duyluong, yes they use the same browser instance. Its like a test flow. I cannot close the browser as the flow will break as the tests dependent on each other.

For e.g:
Test case A- login
Test case B- Add a product to bag.

The tests fails in the middle of the test suite. I have 19 test cases and when it reaches the middle of the test suite, For e’g it has done 4 steps in test case 10 and when it reaches the 5th step it fails saying the chrome is unreachable.

Do let me know if you need more info.



@duyluong, do you have any idea why this keeps happening.
6 out of 10 times this happens in my docker and i have run out of ideas.
I even added close browser at the end of the test suite but it still happens.

I really want to know if docker works properly with katalon.

I even updated kse to 7.7.2 and using latest images but still no luck and this happens only in docker.

Not sure if its related to this line
currently even if the tests fails or passes the launcher status is still in running