Chrome failed to start: exited normally

OK. I will continue helping others.

I updated my Support “Chrome for Testing” project. The previous version instructed to place the Groovy source code of the com.kazurayam.ks.drivers.chrome4testing.ChromeForTesingDriverFactory class into the


folder. On the other hand, as you may or may not be aware, the Keywords folder is exclusively available to the Enterprise users only as of KS v9.3.1. The Free plan users are excluded. So I revised the project so that it instructs you to place the same code into the


folder, which is (for now) available to the Free plan users as well. Support for “Chrome for Testing” is open. It doesn’t exclude the paying users. Take it free. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I am afraid that the Katalon’s official support wouldn’t inform the paying 59997 customers of the idea :smiling_imp: because the support desk would not like to be asked “Why does Katalon Studio ignore Chrome for Testing?”.