Chrome failed to start: exited normally

Possibly yes.

However, kindly let me make a remark, the Chrome browser will auto-upgrade itself again and again in the near future. Next week? the week after the next? Possibly sometime next month. Then you will encounter the same trouble. The nightmare lasts.

So, I would suggest you to switch to “Chrome for Testing” as I wrote in the following:

though this approach requires you to change your test scripts to some extent.

If Katalon change their products as I described here: Chrome failed to start: exited normally - #29 by kazurayam, then you would not have to change your Test Case scripts any more; you want manually install Chrome for Testing and associated ChromeDriver of the version you choose; you choose “Chrome for Testing (Headless)” instead of “Chrome (Headless)” for you test cases to run on; then go. Your CI/CD pipeline should revive and sustain long regardless how often Chrome browser is updated.