Chrome did not shut down correctly

Hello, i have used the desired capabilities to launch a specific chrome browser. Below is my configuration:

After my test has been completed, i used WebUI.closeBrowser to close the browser. However when the next test started using the same browser, i saw the pop up, “chrome did not shut down correctly” and data used in the previous test, remain active.

Any solution for this please?

@duyluong Can you please this treat urgently?


I don’t know the root cause because it may depend to chromedriver itself or your script.

The advice here is:

  • Backup the original profile-directory and replace to the desired dir at the first step.
  • Clean the profile-directory after closing browser.

Anyone in your team who can help?

@kazurayam any solution please?


I tried to mimic your project on my side but found nothing strange. Of course my mimic would be different from your project. It is impossible to for me to reproduce your problem on my pc unless you provide us sufficient information.

Please provide your problematic project zipped and shared public here in order to let others to reproduce your problem. It would be desirable if you could simplify your project stripping your sensitive/unnecessary portions while it reproduces the “Chrome didn’t shut down correctly” problem.

As for “Chrome did not shut down correctly” problem, I found a thread:

As you can see, this problem seems to be a long-running nightmare, not an easy issue to fix at all. I would rather suggest to you to reset your thinking and try other ways around, rather than asking for advices how to solve the “Chrome did not shut down correctly”.

But how? For example.

  • Abandon using Chrome, use Firefox instead
  • Do not stop/restart the browser; just reuse an opened instance of Chrome browser for multiple test items/test cases.

Basically, it does not close the chrome properly and when launching next testcase, in the cache, it already keep the username/password…i should not clear cache of the browser. However, when i did the test manually, i dont have that issue.