[Chrome] 'Click here' on Connect now dialog does not work - workaround

Hi all those are using Katalon Recorder (Chrome),

Affected version Katalon Recorder 5.3.25

Currently, I’m facing with the problem that after logging into Katalon but the Connect now dialog is not closed when clicking on ‘Click here’ link on the dialog.


  • When the Connect now dialog appears
  • Click on ‘Connect now’ button to navigate to Katalon page to sign up
  • Then log in successfully


  1. Click on ‘Click here’ link on the Katalon Recorder’s dialog


  • The dialog is not disappeared


  • The dialog should be closed thus I am able to continue using Katalon Recorder

You should reload Katalon Recorder using one of following ways:

  • Press Cmd + R (if you are using MacOS)
  • Press F5 (for Windows)
  • Right-click on any place on Katalon Recorder >> then click Reload menu item (for both OSes)

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Thank you for you report ! The team is working on this problem.

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