Checking text formatting

Hi everybody.

Sorry for the newbie question, but I didn’t managed to find a way to check if a textbox with html formatting options (like the one I’m writing this post, for istance) is working properly…

For example, I would like to check if pressiong the “bold” button, the written text is… well, bold :slight_smile:

in advance


Broadly speaking, you have two options:

  1. Visual Testing in Katalon Studio

  2. and testing the rendered HTML output from the editing component (be it a textarea, element with contenteditable, whatever)

There are a lot of fine details to discuss regarding the latter. But without more information (see next link) it’s almost impossible to advise:

Hi Russ_Thomas

Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:
I didn’t meant to sound worried or in an hurry, I was just asking for a direction to be pointed at and that the reason I wasn’t too much specific… I just needed to know if it was technically possible to do what I needed or not, that’s it!

Thank you very much for your help.


It’s certainly possible, it just depends on how the tool actually manipulates the DOM behind the scenes. If we take a look at part of @Russ_Thomas’s post:

He has the word “rendered” italicized. If you inspect the HTML for the word:


you can see that the word is wrapped in an <em> tag.

While your particular editing widgets might behave differently, you should still be able to test this by looking at the HTML directly (Russ’s second option).

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Thank you both