Check value is in test data column


i have a Database test data let’s name it : my_test_data
i want to check if a value is present in the first column of my_test_data

i found the range data type but since the data file is dynamically updated i can’t use range because i dont know how many rows it containes

My question : is there any way to select all cells in a specific column ?

What about looping through the results until you find a match?

String expectedValue = 'defineHere'

DBData yourQuery = findTestData('pathInKatalon');
String columnValues = yourQuery .getLoadValueList()
	int rowNumbers = yourQuery .getRowCount(columnValues )

for (int i = 1; i <= rowNumbers; i++) {
		compareValue= columnValues.getValue(1, i)
         if (expectedValue == compareValue) {
                   WebUI.verifyMatch(expectedValue, compareValue, true)
                   i = rowNumbers + 1
              } elseif (i == rowNumbers) {
                       WebUI.verifyMatch(expectedValue, compareValue, true)

Messy but maybe something along those lines?

thank you for your suggestion , but i don’t want to do it programmatically i was looking for a built in function