Check the existence of a word in a dynamic table

Hello, I need automation to validate the existence of a word, number or value within a pivot table on a web page. The pivot table does not have a variable name for a specific column. What I can do?

Use indices to target the cell you are trying to validate.

With what function do I use the indexes or how would it be?

No function really, you would just include the indices in the xpath you are using to locate table elements, i.e.


I’m sorry, I do not understand. I show you what I need is to identify “CL 119”:

Right, so an example xpath to find that cell would be (without seeing the HTML):


No me funciona, hay otra alternativa?

For Brandon_Hein comment, create a new element in Object Repository and add an xpath to it: //table//tr[1]//td[2]
(as he mentions, we have not seen any of your HTML, so he is somewhat guessing, but likely). If you want better information, show some HTML and others can help as well.

If you are familiar with the Script tab, then you can check out web tables…

Just remember that the column numbering starts at 0 for column 1, then 1 for column 2, etc. Also, put a waitForElementxxx, or delay, to allow the table to form so you don’t encounter a null reference.