Check that a button/cell is not tappable


Part of my test requires me to check that an item in my list view doesn’t do anything when tapped. Is there a way to have a step pass if this is the case? Basically i have a list of items that are tappable (and lead to the next screen) but the last item in the list is an information label that does nothing when you tap it. Is there a way in Katalon to check this?
I tested the “Tap” step and it fails (which means the app is working correctly) and I would like that to be interpreted as a success. I can add the flow optional parameter which leaves it as a warning but that is not ideal.

The WebUI has a CheckIfNotClickable step, is there one for mobile?

I am testing on iOS.

Thanks for your help !

Wrap that statement in a try-catch block and mark it a pass?