Changing from v 6.3 to 7.9.1

Hi, we’re thinking about changing a very old project developed under KS v 6.3 to KS v 7.9.1,
should we expect some kind of problem when running test cases developed under KS v 6.3 in new Katalon Studio v 7.9.1?
will it be necessary to modify old test cases?


A pragmatic response might be, “yes”.

Same answer, “yes”.

However, you may get lucky and find only few issues or, even luckier still, none.

Backward compatibility is not something this industry tends to promise – and rightfully, so. Testing facilities and technology is an ever evolving platform. You should expect to have to maintain forward compatibilities.

But all is not lost. There are some wise heads here on the forum. Post questions if you hit problems.

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