Change project name

Hi, is it possible to change the existing project name? or the only way is to to create another new project?

In projects/settings -> project information/Name, you may change your projects name.

It is not enough, unfortunately.

Let me suppose, I have a Katalon project named ProjectABC.

Then in the project directory you will have a file named <projectDir>/ProjectABC.prj:

$ ls -la | grep prj
-rw-r--r--    1 kazurayam  staff    903  3 17 12:17 ProjectABC.prj

Ant the file has a content like this:

$ cat ProjectABC.prj
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Now, I do in the GUI menu bar Project/settings -> project information/Name to rename the project to ProjectXYZ.

Please find that

  1. I assigned a new project name ProjectXYX
  2. I left the folder location of the project unchanged. In fact, you can not set the cursor into the field. You can not change it by GUI operation;

Then how the *.prj file will look like? Let me check.

$ ls -la | grep prj
-rw-r--r--    1 kazurayam  staff   1015  3 17 12:30 ProjectABC.prj

The .prj file name stays unchanged. How the contents of the .prj file will look like?

$ cat ProjectABC.prj
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The <name> has been changed from ProjectABC to ProjectXYX.

By doing projects/settings -> project information/Name, you will get

  1. The project directory name is unchanged. Stays as ProjectABC.
  2. The .prj file name is unchanged. Stays as ProjectABC.prj
  3. In the <projectDir>/.project, the name ProjectABC is there and will be unchanged.
  4. The content of ProjectABC.prj will be changed to have <name>ProjectXYX</name>

So, if you want to complete changing the project name, you need to

  1. do GUI operation “projects/settings → project information/Name,”
  2. change the .prj file name yourself manually: ProjectABC.prjProjectXYX.prj
  3. delete <projectDir>/.project file, which will be auto-genarated later when you open the project
  4. change the directory name yourself manually: ProjectABCProjectXYZ

If you use GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab for source code versioning, then you will have more to do to rename the Git repository.


Do you find it complicated? Yes, it is, I am afraid. I find KS is poorly implemented in this fundamental functionality: changing the project name.


any input?