Change download path to "Data Files"

Good morning,

how to change the default download path to “Data Files” .

I’m trying this configuration {“CHROME_DRIVER”:{“acceptInsecureCerts”:true,“prefs”:{“download.default_directory”:“./Data Files”}}} on “com.kms.katalon.core” but I still see download files on the “Dowload” filesystem.

Any help please!


@fzacraoui - Please look Change Download Path - #3 by fzacraoui

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Thank you for your reply
This was my old post :smiley:
I think I was not clear on my description, I Want to use relative path, to make it work locally and on git.

This is why I want to use a relative path

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You can not use WebUI.openBrowser() with a relative path in the configuration {“CHROME_DRIVER”:{“acceptInsecureCerts”:true,“prefs”:{“download.default_directory”:“./Data Files”}}} because nobody will take the responsibility to resolve a relative path to an absolute path.

You need to give up using WebUI.openBrowser() keyword. You want to instantiate new ChromeDriver() to open Chrome browser while you specify the preference download.default_directory with an absolute path. Your script can resolve the preference value with any folder path programatically.

How to do new ChromeDriver? See java - How to set default download directory in selenium Chrome Capabilities? - Stack Overflow

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Hi @fzacraoui .
See Is it possible to add relative path in Desired Capabilities - #2 by joost.degeyndt for an example to set these settings via your Katalon test listener. That way you can resolve yourself to a relative path programmatically instead of being stuck with the absolute url in the configuration settings.