Catching browser freezes

on one of my project we have a bug that freezes whole browser when going to the certain page. When navigating to this page in automated tests in Katalon, next step is kinda stuck in a loop, it’s just stuck and doesn’t do anything, I guess it should throw some kind of timeout error but beacuse browser is freezed it cannot ? How can I check for this kind of scenario in the test case

All browsers?

Did you look in the devtools console?

Yea it was happening on all browsers, we fixed the issue now so can’t really replicate that in Katalon but it ssomething to think about maybe, cause the browser was not responding when running the test I had to close it with task manager and Katalon was keep trying to finish the step after navigating to the url that was causing the freez. So it was running tests forever and didn’t throw an error