Catch Root Cause Message for a failed Test Step even outside a Test Case

Hi Katalon-Team,

please refer to my post at How to forward Root Cause Message for Test Step Failure to Test Case Level? - #4 by Drunda_Nibel - Katalon Studio - Katalon Community

Apparently there is currently no way in Katalon Studio to call a Test Case using WebUI.callTestCase() within a try block and to get the Root Cause message for the actual failing Test Step in the subsequent catch block. Or did we miss one?

But on the other hand, it doesn’t make sense to me to overload all my Test Cases
with the logic for the necessary failure handling, if you imagine at the
same time that Test Cases should also be able to be created and edited manually by

Therefore, I think it should be possible to implement this logic, what should happen with different kinds of errors, somewhere outside these Test Cases. Because depending on the requirements in a continuous integration process, this logic can be endless!

What I could imagine is either to extend the possibilities of the Test Listeners or to provide a globally available object that gives information about the Test Step that originally failed and why.

Do you see a way to make such functionality available in the future?

Regardless of that, I don’t want to miss to emphasize that I am enthusiastic about the unique combination of comfort and flexibility that Katalon Studio offers me!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:




Thanks to kazurayam’s ingenious preliminary work, I have now found a workaround, look here: How to Highlight Test object in each and every step

Just now, duyluong announced a change in the behavior of Katalon Studio, that callTestCase() only generates an error about its own failure, without revealing the root cause message of the child test case, for the next release: