Capture Object is disabled

I am using Katalon Studio v7.9.1 and Appium v 1.15.1.
I am very new to automation and exploring if Katalon would be a good tool for me to use. The app that I’m testing has splash screens before the login page. When I clicked Run Spy button, the app launched on my mobile, then I clicked Skip on the Splash screens. It will display the login page for a few seconds then close the app and will give out the Unable to secure remote session error. I have been searching other posted Issues but I can’t seem to find anything close to what I have just encountered.

Ask your developer to provide you debug apk with enable screenshot.

or try first to capture object on Katalon Sample app. if you are able to capture object on sample application then you need debug apk file of your application with screenshot enable. And if you are not able to capture object of sample app then it might be setup issue.