CAPCHA Regression Katalon Studio and Katalon recorder version 7.0


Regression Katalon Studio and Katalon recorder version 7.0 compared to version 6.33
In my team we test differents softwares (Katalon, Ranorex …) to make our choice.
The application to be tested chosen at a CAPCHA, the development team gave us a special URL.

  • Launch of the url in chrome
  • Username Field and button “Sign in” appear (no password field)
  • Enter the username
  • Click anywhere other than the “Sign in” button (username label for exemple) (If click on “Sign in” the Capcha appears).
  • The password field appears
  • Enter the password
  • Click on “Sign in”
    It works on Katalon 6.33 but no longer works on 7.0.
    (The "Click anywhere other than the “Sign in” button does not work, the password field does not appear)
    Do you have a solution, please ?


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you can try ‘click by offset’, afaik there is such key available (forgot his name) taking the sign in button as a reference and target it few pixels bellow, as a workaround

or … after you fill in the username, if the username field has the focus, sending to it a TAB key may work also.

Thank you for your quick response but it does not work.

Note: When the recording is started in an external web browser the “operations” work but not in the internal web browser. Therefore it does not work in test.
This is the internal web browser that blocks in the new version. Maybe there is a new parameter?


Did you actually try @Ibus’s solution?

What happened when you tried it?

FYI: I have never seen a focus-dependent UI fail to respond to a TAB key.

Your approach, “clicking away”, is very common but very few developers design UX and UI events that rely on that as a primary mechanism.

After write the username, and or not putting the focus on the username and sending the key “TAB” it goes on another field.
(Note : on the app, after write the username, TAB on the app opens the password
normal result


neither i. i saw such dev workarounds before, therefore the proposal.
sometime triggering an refresh could work too (i have a feeling in fact that custom url will inject some script/cookie so the page has to be refreshed)

without ‘under the hood’ info about implementation, we can only guess


This is the problem we’re having…

Can you use the Firefox Devtools and show me the Inspector output for that login dialog? We need to see the whole box, including both input fields AND any events attached to them (events are easier to see in Firefox).

the ‘network’ tab may show also valuable info’s

Thank you so much for the report! We will release a new RC version today that should fix the issue.

Excuse me for this late response. I was on another subject.
Do you still want the information: “the Inspector output for that login dialog”?

Excuse me but I did not understand well.
Do you find or need more information?
Note: at version 6.33 you have to click on the username label to display the password, idem for Ranorex, Ghost Inspector. the TAB key does nothing.
Have a good day