Can't seem to make if else statement work

I can’t seem to make if else statement work for some odd reason in the new katalon verison…

but what i want to know what is this error called “Pipi caca”?

It seems that a latino baby developed your "Test Cases/Regression Tests/Summary Page/08- Remove Advisor". The baby needs a restroom urgently! Please check the code to help him.

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more specific, is a romanian baby :slight_smile:

Mais il est peut-être français.

definetly is romanian, trust me. may sound same in french but in romanian this association is more common (sometime i use it too)

Nice to know that :slight_smile:

LOL - I’m sure in English, we all grew up saying peepee caca and has a total different meaning… one that has nothing to do with error logs. hahah

Clear winner. lol