Can't see the AccessibilityId property for iOS elements

Probably this is not a bug, but it seems weird why I cant see the AccessibilityId property

**OS ** OSX Sierra

Katalon Studio Version Version: 5.2.0 Build: 1

## Katalon Studio logs:

## Environment (for Mobile testing)

* Appium version 1.7.1

* Mobile platform/version under test iOS 11.2.1

* Real device or emulator/simulator ( iPhone 7 (simulator)

* Xcode version (for iOS) Xcode 9.2

## Steps to reproduce -

1. Use Mobile Object Spy

## Expected Behavior -

Checking an element I can see the AccessibiliyId propety in the Object Properties section

## Actual Behavior -

The AccessibilityId property not in the list. The value of the accessibility id coincides with the value of the name property

## Screenshots / Videos

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