Can't save Gherkin Colors and Fonts settings


Changes I make to the Gherkin Font Colors under
Katalon Studio Preferences > General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts >> Gherkin
no longer get saved.

It constantly reverts back to my previously saved settings. Even with a clean copy of Katalon, it somehow loads my previous settings instead of the defaults.

Is there a file somewhere that stores this config? Perhaps I could delete it?

I’m on Katalon 7.4.0.

Any help would be appreciated.


On Mac, Font & Color settings are saved into:


On Windows, please look for the .metadata folder under the folder where you installed your Katalon Studio.

If you make a search in Google with Keyword “Eclipse Font Color settings”, you can find many posts which claim “Can’t save Color and font” or “Color and font settings not remembered”. For example,

I do not know that issue in detail, but I suppose there could be some unfixed bugs in Eclipse. As you know, Katalon Studio is developed on the top of Eclipse. Bugs in Eclipse may also appear in KS.

One of the nifty features in Notepad++ is User Defined Language, which allows users to customize the syntax highlighting for any language. This is invaluable if you use an obscure language or even create your own. To access this feature in version 7.2.2, simply navigate to the Language menu option and choose Define your language…. From there, you can create new user language and set stylers for keywords, operators, and other language facets. Stylers can set font color, size, and style. Users can also import and export UDLs as XML files for sharing. Since the highlighting doesn’t rely upon a context-free grammar, it has its limits. For example, keywords may still be highlighted when not actually being used as keywords in the language. Nevertheless, it’s better than nothing.