Can't run test in Kuala Lumpur?

So i don’t know what to really report… but I’m going to be working remote from Kuala Lumpur for next few months…

I started to do a dry run today and it looks like the automated chrome session doesn’t run. It just gets stuck on loading. I tried even over VPN… nothing works!

It’s not the internet speed…cuz i get well around 100 mbps… so this could be a location/server thing? What’s going on here? I can’t do my work if this is the case - this is a HUGE issue.

So I dont know why selenoum chrome is stupid… but how do I disable location for good?

Is there a way to open up chrome not in incognito mode for test runs?

As far as I am aware, Chrome does not automatically choose incognito mode. Are you sure it’s not a setting you have created?

i guess i was assuming… i was testing the page load on incognito mode manually…and it seems to be lot slower… maybe due to cookies.

This makes no sense why katalon chrome instances does not load overseas

Check the time on your machine and any other machine that you are connecting to. They should not/cannot be more than a couple minutes out if the timing is not synchronized.

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It’s “you”, not Katalon. It’s used all over the globe.