Can't record the URL & click action on IE11

Hi, I’m a newcomer to use the Katalon Studio. I tried to run your sample web automation test but encountered following issues. I already try to find any solution regarding my problem in the forum, unfortunately not success.


Here is env info:
IE config (done)


  • Katalon Studio Ver 6.3.3 Build 11
  • Windows 10 Professional Ver 1809
  • IE 11 Ver 11.737.17763.0

It would seem from your screenshots that the IE11 test is missing the navigation step.

In future, when you are dealing with an issue, post any relevant error messages (found in the console or log viewer).

Hi @mitch301

Please try to add the navigation step (from Chrome) to the IE test case. I will check the sample web automation test project and will fix this if the test is wrong.

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Hi Russ_Thomas,

Thank you for you reply! There’s no relevant error messages shown when tried to record the action. Looks like everything is normal except the Katalon Studio do not record the URL step into the script like Chrome behavior.

Thank you for your suggestions and follow it up! Just wonder do I miss any setup procedures for IE11 or Katalon in order to cause this issue.

You can treat this as stupid or sage advice, your call.

My org has upwards of 400,000 users. 90+% of them use IE. Yet, …

I don’t test in IE.

I run my tests against Firefox under the firm knowledge that usability problems in IE are unrelated to the issues I’m trying to identify in the AUT. Said another way, it’s not my job to test a browser - that’s the browser manufacturer’s job.

Also, IE users don’t experience the problems that automation-users have. Teaching your tests to be perfect adaptable humans is a fools errand.

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Look like I confused between the title of your question and the content of your question. Did you use the Web Recorder and it did not record the URL on IE ? I mistook it to you downloaded a sample project and tried to run it but it failed.

Web Recorder not recording a navigation on IE is a known issue and we will fix it in the upcoming releases.

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now seriously. why would somebody want to use IE, when even M$ is retiring it?


Because a lot of very large organisations (in the UK at least) force their users to use IE11 and have done for years. Whilst it’s a pain for any of us that work in software development/testing, if your employer has 1 or more large clients that have this policy then you’re going to have to make sure your product works properly with IE11 or risk losing a large customer.

or send them latest CVE’s on a regular basis. e.g:

Damian, I get it. Been there, figuratively and geographically. Let me try one more time…

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I agree. But if you’re a relatively new/small player in your given market and have 1 or more “big” clients that force IE11 usage, you’ve got no choice but to cater for this as being the lowest denominator. Personally, the sooner IE11 drop dead, the better for everyone involved (devs, testers, end users etc).

i agree too. but if you are a real tester, properly skilled, move to a better company and let them rust in peace. otherwise this circus will never end, see also the history of adobe flashplayer

Working in the government, we have applications that only work in IE. We can stop testing while we wait for them all to be upgraded, or we can look for an automation tool that can test them.

Right now Katalon cannot record or spy IE fields for us, but it is probably related to our secure environment. I’m waiting for the new licensing to decide if we buy and if support can help us.

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a government which decide against security and privacy of people is not a good government. just saying …

They do care, a lot, but we are getting off topic of the problem using Katalon with IE, regardless of the merits of the browser.

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i closed this as it is inactive