Can't login to gmail account

i can’t create a test case to login to gmail account,
when you input your mail and click “Next” it says :

You’re using a browser that Google doesn’t recognize or that’s set up in a way we don’t support. To keep your Google Account secure, sign in on another browser or change your browser’s settings. Learn more

Many users had the same issue but i couldnt manage to find a solution for it, is there any way to disable this security check for an account?

Perhaps you need to talk to Google and convince them to loosen the security check for your automation.

I found the following thread informative:

After some trial and error, found out that this issue happens only in a scenario when multiple gmail accounts have already been created from the same App/IP/Device. Google somehow is marking those accounts and blocks them if they are launched by automation frameworks/extensions.

My humble opinion is to entirely avoid automating the UI of third party Mail applications as you cannot predict how their UI and elements will change. They might block you from launching for security purposes and they have every right to do so!

@Hari , Publisher of the plugin

any comment?

Follow the steps if you can’t login Gmail account

Just I happened to find this.

In the Google Account Help page they say:

Sign in with a supported browser

To help protect your account, Google doesn’t let you sign in from some browsers. Google might stop sign-ins from browsers that:

  • Don’t support JavaScript or have JavaScript turned off
  • Have unsecure or unsupported extensions added
  • Are being controlled through software automation rather than a human
  • Are embedded in a different application

This clearly states that Google intentionally prohibit us from logging into Google Account using test automation tools like Katalon Studio.