Cannot verify the signature of 'appium-uiautomator2-server/apks/appium-uiautomator2-server-v4.15.0.apk'

Hi, I have this error when performing mobile object spy, that KS cannot verify signature of appium-uiautomator2-server-v4.15.0.apk, i have changed the mode of this directory executable to all users. Also, its original error shows that jre/bin/java is not found, but i find no jre folder in KS folder. I have run the appium doctor to see if there is any problem with any requirement, but all shown green tick with no problem. Could anyone has any idea on this, please help, thank you!

Hi @wayne.yong,

This is maybe an issue on Linux when launching Mobile device.

The workaround solution here is manually downloading OpenJDK 8 (AdoptOpenJDK, Azul Zulu Open JDK8, Amazon Correcto JDK 8), extract and copy to [Katalon installed folder]/jre folder

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Hi @duyluong, thank you for the workaround, this solution works! :grinning:

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Hi @duyluong, I am trying to download the latest version of KS 7.8.2 (Linux) to see if JRE is suppose in the folder, I have also check all the files within it, I still find no JRE in it. Is JRE suppose needed to be downloaded and put in it manually? Or it is actually bundled with it?

While in my Windows version it does comes with JRE in bundled though, just would like to confirm with you if this has something to do with bug? Thanks.

Hi @wayne.yong,

For the Linux package, we don’t provide embedded JRE but the issue is Katalon Studio still looking for JRE as in Windows and macOS. The workaround that I said above to deal with starting Mobile apps on Linux. We will push this issue into our backlog. In the fixed releases, you will not have to do those steps again.

Hi @duyluong, tbh i still have the same issue as to use Mobile Object Spy in ver 7.8.2, and i fix it with the same workaround that you provided. Just sharing my experience here, anyway, thank you!

Yes, you should manually copy JRE to [Katalon installed folder]/jre folder for every KS Linux package as I said above.

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@duyluong - The same issue is occurring for me on the macOS. Even though the JRE folder is already there . any suggestions what could be the cause ?

I am stiil facing the issue while copy the jre

I’m having the same issue on the macOS highsierra. Original error: Cannot verify the signature of ‘/var/folders/n0/plymxfv90t7d2nc_73km55fw0000gn/T/Katalon/Appium/Temp1619257960405/2021324-1738-1twoeph.q89g/appium-uiautomator2-server-v4.17.4.apk’. Original error: spawn /Applications/Katalon ENOENT

Any suggestion what could be the cause ?