Cannot use 'Sheet2' from Excel Spreadsheet when associating with a Data File

I have an Excel spreadsheet with two sheets, Sheet1 and Sheet2, with each sheet associated to a different Data File. When I use the Data File associated with Sheet2, and try to loop through all the rows in that sheet, the test fails and throws the following error:

Test Cases/Execute Automation Loop Test Case FAILED because (of) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid row index 2 for test data ‘C:\Users\Paulm\Katalon Studio\AdvancedInteractions\Data Files\Data.xlsx’. Row index must be between 1…1

If I edit the Data File and change it to use Sheet1, the test runs fine.

The Data File I’m using is called ‘Execute Automation Test Data Loop’, and here’s my for() loop code:

for (def row = 1; row <= findTestData(‘Execute Automation Test Data Loop’).getRowNumbers(); row++) {

Is this a known issue, and if not, is there a way I can write a bug against it?


Never mind, I wasn’t using the correct Data File throughout my entire test, and was referring to a 2nd Data File that only had 1 row in it.

‘Sheet2’ works fine and can be associated with a Data File.