Cannot use negative numbers as default values in variables

Noticed this when trying to use a parameterized endpoint URL.


  1. Create a web request, point it at a URL with a variable in the name (eg. ${HostName}/api/v1/doAThing)
  2. Add a variable for HostName, set to a valid URL
  3. Add a variable that is of type number, set value to -1
  4. Run the request, you should see a noProtocol error.
  5. Change the value of your number variable to 1
  6. Re-run the request, it should work (no exceptions thrown)

It appears to me that the variable definition file isn’t being read it properly when a number value is negative. Using a string works fine (since there are quotes around the value).

Tested on Katalon Studio 6.1.5.
Would be interested to see some feedback and if other people have experienced this.

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