Cannot target input element

Hi @Chris_Trevarthen

Please help, cannot input element password, i inspect not id in field


click the … to left and copy xpath


I assume you are wanting to input a password for the DANA PIN and are having concerns. If you type CTRL + F in the code window and create an xpath like below you should get a showing of “1 of 6” to the right of the xpath.


If that be the case, then you can make the xpath into an array and use each element of the array as a pin for the login.

(//div[@class=“password-item”]/span)[3] etc.

Hello @grylion54 @rtetrault

I’m use //div[@class=“password-item”]/span but still error ElementNotInteractableException: Message: element not interactable


I thought that may be the case because of the span tag.

Have you tried to setText to the input element at the bottom of your image?

And what about the div section at the bottom of the image with class, text-center. Could that be where your input be?

In css…

My reading of this is that the input is not in the tree identified by div.password-item. So please steer away from it altogether.

Assuming no iframe(s), the input element can be found using this css locator: input

If it turns out that any other sub-div also contains input elements, then… > div > input

@freak.fahmi Please learn to use DevTools properly to identify your elements.

maybe you have to try: //div[@class=“password-item”]/span/span[1] to set the first digit of the pin digit. Then you can try : //div[@class=“password-item”]/span/span[2] to set second digit …and so on…