Cannot sign in with Gmail account using Katalon Studio


When I try to login with a gmail account using our web interface, Katalon Studio will not allow login. I get the following window. Note that I was able to login manually with the external browser. How can this issue be resolved or workaround? Thank you.

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similar issue


I have the same problem, is there someone found a solution ?

Thank !

I got the same issue. I used dummy email servers such as MailSlurp, Mailosaur for testing email functions such as verification, approval emails with Katalon Studio.

Hi @lakmi,

It is not a issue or a problem. This is by design from Google’s side due to security reasons.

Please read the posts below to get a better understanding of logging into your Google account using a browser controlled by automation software.’t-login-to-gmail-account-through-automation-script?hl=en

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Hi @mgrandillo, @brian.moothian and @lakmi ,

I’m not sure if you guys are still following this article, but in case you or anyone else needs it, the Katalon Support team has just published a keyword that supports bypassing the Google Login check.

There is also a keyword to open an undetected browser that grants you permission to perform various other actions on the protected websites. :v:

[Product Support] Working with Google Authentication with Katalon Studio