Cannot run test - Keyword does not exist on platform


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Hi Aleksander, please provide a link to reported bug about this issue. I would like to see a comments or action needed to fix this issue. Many thanks

BTW, I tried what kazurayam said:

‘executeJavascript’ and ‘executeJavaScript’ — why you have this inconsistency? Possibly your latest source code is not yet compiled by Groovy compiler in Katalon Studio.

I would suggest to you to

(1) stop Katalon Studio
(2) delete the /bin directory and files underneath
(3) restart Katalon Studio; open your project
(4) try running you test case

I mean, you should ensure your source codes are compiled from scratch.

But it did NOT help. Stil same issue: **Keyword “openBrowser” does not exist on platform ‘web’

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Reported bug:

This issue appears after I changed the setting in Project > setting > Test Design > Test Case > Default failure handling for steps

I think the issue is with the third parameter in the executeJavascript.

I had the same issue but I resolved it by removing the failure handling parameter.

command look like this :-

  WebUI.executeJavaScript('document.querySelector("#test").click()', [], 

Remove "FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE " now it should look like this :-

 WebUI.executeJavaScript('document.querySelector("#test").click()', [])

this may be a bug but It is the workaround I found.

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I’ve just freshly downloaded latest 5.4.1 Win64 package, opened it, and even the sample web project fails with “ Test Cases/Main Test Cases/TC1_Verify Successful Login FAILED because (of) Keyword ‘openBrowser’ does not exist on platform ‘web’

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For what it’s worth, this did help me.

Any update on that?
Running on the same issue trying to just open the browser.

Keyword ‘openBrowser’ does not exist on platform ‘web’

It’s a real pain in the neck. Changing versions, deleting, getting a new instances does not help at all.