Cannot record or spy popup credentials

Katalon cannot record or spy popup credentials, this is Dynamics 360 popup credentials, I tried multiple things, I used deficient browsers and tried also Katalon chrome add on but I cannot record this step, any hints ?

Hi @omar.adly1,

Do you really need to record this step? If you just need to step through this authentication popup then you could try something like (adding username:password@ before the hostname /=)

Thanks a lot for reply @thongnmtran
the issue is that the password contains @ and this is an admin password I cannot change it, do you have another idea how can i skip this step?

Hi @omar.adly1,

Fortunately, even if the password contains special characters, we can still use this method by converting the password to the URL encoded form. For example, the “p@Ss#W0ro|” string will become “p%40Ss%23W0ro%7C”, and the whole URL will become something like http://username:p%40Ss%23W0ro||

To convert to the URL encoded form, you could use some tools like /=)

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