Cannot get CSS 'border' value on Object Repository - failed keyword in the Firefox

Hi guys!

Could you suggest me what I should do to execute the test case in the Firefox? The same test case is executed fine in the Chrome.

03-24-2018 09:29:21 AM - [INFO] - Getting CSS ‘border’ value on ‘Object Repository/Login/input_email’.

03-24-2018 09:29:21 AM - [FAILED] - Cannot get CSS ‘border’ value on ‘Object Repository/Login/input_email’.

Thank you for a response!

I am face to a similar issue. For example i try to catch “list-style” property but it was a shorthand property. I do know why it works with Chrome but not with Firefox.
To fix this issue I replace it by the exact corresponding properties “list-style-position”, “list-style-image” and “list-style-type”.