Cannot find the class file for org.apache.log.logger

JMeter Integration

I have followed the steps mentioned in the above image, after doing everything im facing this issue.

Added external libraries

  1. Stop Katalon Studio

  2. Using OS utils like Win Explorer, Mac Finder, find the project directory. You should make a full copy of the project to somewhere in case of mistake.

  3. Delete the bin directory in the project dir. Also delete the Libs directory in the project dir.

  4. Find <projectDir>/.classpath file, and delete it.

  5. Restart KS. Reopen your project.

The bin directory and .classpath file will be automatically renewed. Then the “build path” in Eclipse will be refleshed and the project will be built cleanly.

@kazurayam thanks for the swift response, i have done all the above mentioned steps but still i’m facing same issue.

I doubt that its the problem with JMeter plugin i have installed the plugin but while im trying to reload the plugin none of the plugins are visible but its showing that those are installed in plugin store(My Plugins)

The message you got tells

  • The org.apache.log.Logger cannot be resolved

There is no such class org.apache.log.Logger in the world. I could not find it by Google! Your code is wrong.

How have you got a wrong code? You learned a sample code with mistake, may be. Please find where is the mistake. If any documentation by Katalon has fault, you can shout here!


i got that sample project from the link shown in above img


gowtham.ravindra425 reported that JMeter Plugin has something wrong. Please check.

I have never used the JMeter Plugin. This time, I installed the plugin into my Katalon Studio v7.8.0. But I found the plugin seems NOT properly installed.

I use macOS Big Sur 11.1

The Katalon Store page indicated that the plugin is already installed:

But when I do “Reload Plugins”, the dialog showed that I do NOT have the JMeter Plugin installed.

In a test case script, many import statements marked with red underlines, that implies that the jar of JMeter is not included in the buildpath of the project.

I tried installing the JMeter Integration plugin + stop/start KS a few times, but i vain. I am not sure what’s going on .

edit at 4 Jan 2020,

Not only the jMeter plugin, I can not find the Basic Report plugin in the “Reload plugins” dialog. Possibly both of them are not actually installed.

@kazurayam Thankyou will check.

Hi @kazurayam, any news about your request dec’20?

Best regards

I have identified why the jMeter plugin is not working in the recent versions of Katalon Studio. The “max KS version” property of the plugin is set inappropriately. See the following post of mine.


any updates?

In the page, I found a comment:

Discontinued support of this plugin in version 7.0

On the other hand, in the oveview page, I found a paragraph:

To use JMeter Integration plugin, you need to have Katalon Studio 7.0.0 as the minimum compatible version.

I find a contradiction here.


If Katalon Team is no longer maintaining this plugin, you should drop it off the Store. Otherwise users will be confused.