Cannot fill value at CRM Control

When I use web recorder to record CRM app, I fill Name = Order 3
But when I play it (using Chrome), it show Name = funny things (see picture)

Error - Order

Can someone teel me whether Katalon is able to test Microsoft Dynamics CRM app ?
It seems Microsoft’s Control are not compatible with Katalon

If it’s a webpage, it can be tested.
If it is built with HTML, it can be tested.

(p.s. just because you can’t test your page it doesn’t mean you’ve found a bug in Katalon :slight_smile: )

So, can you show me the proper way to record textbox/lookup at dynamics crm ?

this usually means that your input is faster and application have some auto-completion javascript in that field.
solution is to put small delay between keystrokes (there are some examples of custom keywords for that on forum)

There’s no auto-completion, it’s only normal textfield.
Put delay do not solve the problem.
I try workaround it by copy paste “Order 3” (not by typing it). Result slightly better, but still not correct. I cannot remove the “- - -”

Error - Order 02

btw, it alreadt use delay before and after fill “Order 3”

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