Can you interact with an element without first saving as an object

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My question is whether it is possible to interact with an element using the keywords but without having to save as an object first - i.e. define the object in the script/test step. There are many of my tests which are the only interaction with an object and I was thinking in ways how to keep the object library less cluttered.

One way would be to set the xpath/css entirely as a variable in 2 objects (1 each for xpath and css) but thought there might be a better way.

Maybe what I am thinking wouldn’t be good practice so happy for any feedback.


See Creation of Test Object in Memory at Runtime

static TestObject makeTO(String css) {
    TestObject to = new TestObject()
    to.addProperty("css", ConditionType.EQUALS, css)
    return to
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Hi there, Thanks for the response here - I will give this a go.

Assuming that to do this it is just a case of calling the keyword with the css statement as the parameter? (for context here, I’m not a programmer - definitely something I need to put on my todo list)

For xpath would it be

static TestObject makeTO(String xpath) {
    TestObject to = new TestObject()
    to.addProperty("xpath", ConditionType.EQUALS, xpath)
    return to

Wondering if the keyword could be modified so you pass in 2 params - first is the method (xpath or css) and then second is the statement?

Give it a try. Then you will learn.

Perhaps, you should create 2 methods with unique name:

static TestObject testObjectByXPath(String xpath) { ... }

static TestObject testObjectByCss(String selector) { ... }