Can we integrate Katalon with Apache Ant to trigger the test execution once build is deployed?

I was able to integrate Katalon with Jenkins but my project is using Apache ANT for deployment. Can CI execution is possible using ANT. Please suggest?

As far as i know, ANT can execute custom script/command’s … so I think the answer is yes
To run Katalon test’s in the end is just a matter of running a certain command, provided Katalon is installed in a reachable location (or run the docker image if more convenient)

Just change your Ant build.xml : add a <target name="katalon"> which execute katalon.exe in Console Mode using Ant’s <exec> task. And let CI execute Ant to call katalon target.

Thank you so much! one more help, where do we specify the CMD generated by Katalon in Build.XML file to execute the specify test suite in ANT?

from the ant doc:

It should look like:

<target name="katalon">
  <exec executable="katalon.exe">
    <arg value="blah"/>
    <arg value="blah"/>
    <arg value="blah"/>

Split the generated command, aka extract the arg’s and add as many tags as needed