Can we export collection/test suite from katalon studio as Postman collection format

In Katalon Studio, once we import postman collection and perform required changes to collection. Post work is done. Here are my queries -
Can we export collection. If yes, do we have option to export collection as “Postman Collection” from Katalon studio.

Can anyone please let me know or help on this query.

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hi @akhot.test09,

Welcome to our community. Sorry for my late response.

Yes, you can. Do as following:

  • Open the API/Web Service Project: Launch Katalon Studio and open the project containing the API/Web Service tests you want to export.
  • Navigate to the Test Explorer: In the Test Explorer, locate the collection (test suite) you want to export.
  • Export Collection:
  • Right-click on the test suite or collection.
  • Select the “Export” option.
  • Choose “Postman Collection” as the export format.
  • Save the Exported Collection: Choose the location where you want to save the exported Postman Collection file (usually a .json file).
  • Import into Postman: Open Postman, and import the exported .json file to see your Katalon test cases as a Postman Collection.