Can not record mobile app which has splash screen


Hi all,
I have a problem when record app mobile.
My app has splash screen (when start app, this screen will be opened, then open next screen)
So when I record mobile on Katalon: App is started, splash screen is opened, and not thing happens.
I can not do any thing at this screen. I can’t continue to record.

What should I do at this case? Almost my apps have splash screen.


Hi @phonglan2990,

Can you try clicking the “Capture Object” button on the Mobile Recorder screen? This will get the current screen contents in sync with the emulator/device screen.

Hope this helps,



Thank you so much, I can continue to record.


By the way, i have a issue about run test case with mobile app:
I finished record mobile, and then run test case.
But it has error at the step Start Application, it have mess:

I think it’s about certificated
I download and used these apk files on CH Play

Do you know this error?


Hi @phonglan2990,

Yes, that error message seems to indicate that the APK isn’t signed with a certificate that you have access to. If you don’t have access to the original APK and/or can’t re-sign it with a certificate that you have, you can try launching an APK that you do have access to (see the Katalon Studio Android Mobile Tests Sample APK) and then switching to the actual app you want to test. See this example for more details:

Hope this helps,