Can not edit the "Default Timeout" digit

Operating System

  • For example: Windows 10 or OSX Sierra

Katalon Studio Version


Katalon Studio logs

not relevant

Environment (for Web testing):

  • Browser and Browser version
    Chrome 81.0.4044.122

Steps to reproduce

Open any Katalon WebUI project. Navigate to Project > Settings > Execution.

Expected Behavior

I want to change the Default wait for element timeout
30 → 10 → 20

Actual Behavior

I could change 30 → 10, and click “Apply”. OK.

And next, I tried to change 10 to 20. But I could not. I could not delete the left most digit (“1”) of the input text “10”. Cursor does not move!

Screenshots / Videos

Hi @kazurayam,
Regarding your concern, the text input of “Default wait for element timeout…” only accepts number characters. Therefore, you cannot delete the left most digit, as it turns out there will be no digits remained and the validation will fail. To edit the timeout, please select the whole content and replace it with your new value.

OK. It is not an issue at all.

I reported this just because I felt it looking buggy.

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