Can KR be used as a team?


I would like to know, Can KR be used as a team?
so that other qa can use the test suite that I created. Please let me know the reference


Hi there,

You can download your test suite and send it to your teammates. They’ll be able to open it and work on it just fine.

I am not a KR user at all. I wondered the same question as @bieas. I wanted to know how KR is integrated with Git/GitHub. I looked at the top page of Katalon documentation for KR

To my surprise, there I found no document that could answer to the following questions.

  • How can I save my test project into a folder on the local disk? How can I specify the directory to save?
  • How can I make the project saved into a local Git repository? Does KR provides any “Git Integration” UI component? Or should I do "git add . " and “git commit” in the command line?
  • How can I create a remote repository on GitHub
  • How can I push the project from the local to the remote
  • How can my team members share the remote Github repository
  • How can the team download the project from GitHub to local by “git clone”
  • How can the team load the project into their KR

I hope Katalon to write and publish a document that help.

Or, … am I right if I say I can not store KR project into a git repository at all?, I would suggest you search the Katalon forum for your questions, for example

honestly, KR is a powerful tool to get automation faster, but… agree with you @kazurayam
that’s any cons of KR when talking about.

hopefully, KR Team can make an Apps on windows or something or can connect with github.

thanks for your feedback

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Hi all,

Currently we are not yet connected with github. We’ll let you know when we are.

Thanks for using Katalon Recorder!

? really?

I would be happy to work in the command line. I just want to create a folder on C:\Users\myname\somefolder and save my Katalon Recorder scripts in the folder. Can I do it? or not?

You can manually download a test suite to your computer and keep it there no problem.

Regarding github, due to limitations with Chrome extension, we do not support automatic download/upload.

Hope that helps.

I do not know KR at all. I just want to know some about it.

From where can I download it?

Somewhere over the rainbow of Google Account?

It sounds that a KR test suite is private to each Google Account.

Is it possible to share my test suite with other Google Account? — share it with somebody else in a team?

If I can not share my test suite, it would be fair to say that KR is for personal use; KR is not fitting for team works.

Please answer to the final question: Does Katalon agree if I say; if a user want to work with 2 or more members of team, he/she should choose Katalon Studio backed by Git rather that Katalon Recorder?

Each KR test suite is private. You can download (from within the application) and store it on your local machine. People can and do share their KR tests so that other people can execute them. Not sure if that constitutes team work. You can certainly say that currently teams won’t be able to leverage KR as effectively as KS when it comes to collaborating on developing test automation.


Thank you for your reply. It’s clear to me now.

Still I think that the Overview page Katalon Recorder documentations should have a link to a page titled